Blueprint on How Evan Got Seen By Over 10 Million People in Only 6 Month by Positioning & Marketing the Book & Himself to Get on TV, Radio, Magazines & other Mayor Online Publications

book marketer Evan Klassen

Evan is in the finals for “Book Marketer Of the Year 2013 Award” at the National Best Selling Award Summit 2013 in Hollywood California and he is excited to share how he DID it. Here is all his journey and what he did to market The Book and himself and get on National TV, Radio, Magazines and Mayor Online Publications.

Evan Klassen, with Celebrity Press Publishing got in the top 8 finals for “Best Book Marketer of the Year Award”

This year had been a big journey for Evan here is what he did.


Evan has been seen over 200 times on National TV, has Spoken on Radio, has been Featured in Leading Industry Business Magazines as well on Mayor Online Publications. He is currently in Talks with News 13 and Orlando Business Journal to have a overview of his Story and the book”Think and Grow Rich Today”. He also positioned himself to attract Billion Dollar Corporate Team Member as a result of Creating Value Trough the Book and Is in the Process of Raising a Significant Amount from Investors to Launch his Real Estate Venture.

Below is the PROOF!!

National TV: Evan has signed an advertising deal this March with a TV Production Agency to be the lead Actor in a TV Commercial. He connected with a Producer of the Commercial about his book and with the expectation that a potential  future Best Selling Author will lead to great credibility for Evan and the commercial. This gave great credibility and as well a final spot in the TV Commercial not only Evan was a lead Actor but the Commercial also aired Nationally over  223 times on different main stream Channel here are some of them included:

Over 10 Million People have seen this commercial and not only I got paid to be in it now I can state “AS SEEN IN” and further add credibility to my Brand.
Thanks to Nick Nanton to teach me about this.
here is the Commercial and more Data to the airings Nationally


Aired on MTV

Evan Klassen aured on TV ESPN

Here some Data on the Commercial Aired on  ESPN

Evan Klassen aured on TV ESPN

 Aired on MTV Evan Klassen

1 Evan Klassen Aired on MTV

Evan Klassen Airing of  Commercial

Evan Klassen first TV Comercial

Evan met with the Mayor of the City of Orlando Buddy Dyer to hear his vision for the Future Growth of the City especially on topic of Entrepreneurship. He also gave a signed copy of his Book “Think and Grow Rich Today” to the Mayor thanking him for a great welcome to The City of Orlando. Learn more about Mayor Buddy Dyer

Evan Klassen meets Mayor Of City of Orlando Buddy Dyer signing his best selling book think and grow rich today Napoleon Hill

Evan Klassen meets Mayor Of City of Orlando Buddy Dyer signing his best selling book think and grow rich today

Evan Klassen meets Mayor Of City of Orlando Buddy Dyer signing his best selling book think and grow rich today_ Entreprneur

I also reached out to “The Watchington Times” about the launch of my book and the have done an interview and featured me to their readers:
“The Washington Times” Interviews Evan Klassen on topics of entrepreneurship and overcoming challenges. click here to read the full interview:

Here on Radio 7 Sharing my story and experience:


Also we have been featured on the Cover of the International Magazine United Magazine the owner is German and when he seen that I am in the process of publishing my book they invited to write a 3 full page story about me.

United Networker Magazine CoverEvan Klassen in a Magazine

Evan Klassen in a Magazine 1

Evan Klassen sahring think and grow rich today principles

Including Other Magazines Like “Networking Time” an International # 1 Magazine for Network Marketing including a picture of the book Think and Grow Rich Today. It will be coming out in the Mid September 2013 Issue featuring a full page story on Evan.  Here is another issue  he wrote for.

Networking Time_Evan Klassen_Ella Klassen

Evan Started building and designing his Website from the day he signed the publishing deal with Celebrity Press in January 2013 to prepare for the book launch he launched it on March and is already in the top 55 Thousand most visited websites in USA in less than 6 month.

Evan Klassen Website

Screen Shot 2013-08-27 at 11.51.20 PM

Evan used Social Media to the fullest with all custom design for Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google+ and all other social media sites well over 100,000 people been exposed to the Launch of “Think and Grow Rich Today” just true Social Media

Facebook Branding and  Engagement over 30 Thousand People on the day of Launch all custom Branded Design of Book & Evan just on one of the social media platforms

Evan Klassen Facebook EngagementEvan Klassen Facebook

Twitter with over 100,000 Followers

Evan Klassen_Twitter_ Think and Grow Rich

YouTube Channel with over 5000 Subscribers and almost a Quarter Million Views

Evan Klassen top YouTube

Evan was featured on spot 23 out of 100 Top Network Marketing Leaders Who Understand Facebook Marketing by Business For Home

click here to see the ratings

Evan Klassen Business FOr jpg

1 Evan Klassen Business FOr jpg

This was a very special and defining moment in Evans life when he got the email from Celebrity Press Publishing that “Think and Grow Rich Today hit #1 Best Seller on Amazon on one of the 5 Best Seller List he has hit on the fist Day of the debut of the book. Evan was very humbled by this news. He would never in a million years would imagine to become an author and even more a #1 Best Selling Author in Amazon with the and be featured with Napoleon Hill the original Author of “Think and Grow Rich” a book that is #1 book in the business world and in the top 10 of all time books world wide selling well over 60 Million Copies. Watch the VIDEO to SEE the PROOF.

Here is how I used it to build expectation and engagement on social media as this is my most effective marketing tool.

Below are some of the Facebook comments than mean a lot to me! Thank you all for amazing comment and words that will be a great memory for life without you guys this would not be possible. I love and appreciate YOU ALL!

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Evan KlassenScreen Shot 2013-08-10 at 7.42.45 PMScreen Shot 2013-08-10 at 7.42.57 PMScreen Shot 2013-08-10 at 7.45.05 PMEvan KlassenEvan KlassenEvan KlassenScreen Shot 2013-08-10 at 7.47.12 PM

Screen Shot 2013-08-10 at 7.47.28 PMEvan KlassenEvan KlassenEvan KlassenEvan KlassenEvan KlassenEvan KlassenEvan KlassenSven GoebelThink and Grow Rich Today Evan KlassenThink and Grow Rich Today Evan KlassenThink and Grow Rich Today Evan KlassenThink and Grow Rich Today Evan KlassenThink and Grow Rich Today Evan Klassen

Before Book Launch

Evan Klassen Best Selling Author

Screen Shot 2013-08-27 at 10.49.35 PM

Screen Shot 2013-08-27 at 10.49.59 PM

Screen Shot 2013-08-27 at 10.50.13 PM

Screen Shot 2013-08-27 at 10.50.27 PM

Evan Klassen Think and Grow Rich

Screen Shot 2013-08-27 at 10.56.57 PM

Screen Shot 2013-08-27 at 10.57.36 PM

Here with Publisher Nick Nanton Celebrity Press, Bobby Davidowitz  and Evan Klassen

Nick Naton Evan Klassen and Bobby


Thank you all for amazing comment and words that will be a great memory for life we did it all together. I love and appreciate YOU ALL!