How to Establish Connections that will lead to Success

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As they say, show me your friends, and I will tell you who you are. Friends are important in anyone’s life and depending on the type of people around you; your chances to succeed or fail could be calculated. A survey by Scot Dinsmore, the initiator of Live Your Legend, shows that, about 85% of all people are living below their potential. 93% believe that the level of success could be determined by the type of friends we have while 99% said they would have achieved their dream careers if they had associated themselves with more supportive, successful people, or people who have managed to convert their passions into a livelihood earner.

How to Connect with the Right People

Some people define success by the amount of wealth they have. Others believe success is having successful relationships and happy families. The truth is what you consider as success cannot be attained without the right blend of friends and environment.

  •  Realize your place in history

The first step to the right connections is to realize the amount of impact you would like to have on the world. The people around you must feel that you are fervently fighting for your place in history. When you know how much impact you want your dream to have, the right connections will start to empower and assist you to make it happen while the wrong associations will just fade away.

  • Review your friends’ list

Mostly, we do not care who our friends are until we start the journey of self-realization in order to attain the success we want in our lives. Losing a friend could be painful, but if you think the friend will stand between you and the type of connections that will lead you to success, it is a basic requirement. The next step is to create a list of the people you want to connect with, whether you have already met them or are aspiring to. You may include transformers and shapers of your field of interest.

  • Change the environment

Changing your environment does not necessarily mean that you move to a different city. It involves replacing some of your old practices with habits which will get you “there”. This is a good time to meet new, more empowering people. Start connecting with people whose perception about the world is the same as yours. Changing your environment may also involve choosing what you want read, listen or watch. Seek inspiration from the relevant sources.

  • Online connections

There are uncountable communities on the internet for every passion conceivable. The internet provides a priceless advantage because you can connect with people on an international platform. Whether you are an entrepreneur or a comedian, you can always find a group of people who have the same interests as you online.

  • Create an in-person community

Your online connections should help you create some connections in the real world. Regardless the size of your town, ensure you have some people to share your views with. People who are ardent about their goals, and who are bold enough to challenge you even in areas you are competent in. Join a group and start attending events.

  • Have people in your life

The best connections are those that have been extended to a personal level. Strive to make your connections a part of you. Organize for road trips, go to the gym together, have drinks and show up at their parties.

  • Seek the help of others

When you meet somebody, don’t leave without asking whether they know someone who can fit the category of the people you are seeking to meet.

  • Help people

There is a unique value that comes with helping others attain their dreams. But you need to know where your talents, passions and strengths lie. If you are a poet, offer some free assistance to an aspiring poet. Connections that are created in this manner are more solid and tend to last for a long time. Be creative whenever you are presented with a chance to help someone.

  • We have a choice

Although we are living in a world where excellence is not demanded and mediocrity is tolerated, we still have a chance, the chance to retreat from mediocre reasoning and to establish ourselves again in the company of people who will not kill our dreams, but who will assist us realize them.

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