My very first TV Commercial what an experience ….

Evan Klassen first TV Comercial

There are times in life where opportunity knocks and you have a choice to say yes or just let it pass you by. I had that happen in March of 2013. I good friend of my who owns an TV Production Company called me and offered me to play a main role in a Loan TV Commercial. I was hesitating and almost got to a point where I almost said NO. I have never done something like that and was not sure if I have the talent to pull it of. Ultimately I decided to do it. I had a blast of my life filming and meeting great people on the production set. It was interesting to see that the commercial was on National TV and gave me a big exposure to Millions of people here are some of the channels the commercial aired. BOUNCE, BRAVO, CLASS, CWPLUS, ESPN2, ESPNEW, FUSE 5, GALA, MAURY, MTV, MTV2, MTV3, MTVHITS, MTVJAMS, PALDIA, SOAP, UNIMAS, VH1C, VH1SOUL

Here a cool website isSpot.TV that shows where it’s aired Nation wide and during what shows it aired

if you want to see the commercial go to

the button line is. The things I initially had fear of the unknown and if I can do it or not but non of the things i feared ever happened and I had a blast of my life and on top of all had mayor national exposure to 10th of millions of viewers. The lesson when you fear something do it scared but take the risk. The problem is not that you do it and fail but that you fail to do it and never recognize your potential.


On the set for the commercial

Evan Klassen on a TV Set


Evan Klassen on BRAVO tv

Evan Klassen aured on TV ESPN

Aired on MTV Evan Klassen

1 Evan Klassen Aired on MTV

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