Ten Reasons Why You Should Encourage Humor at the Workplace

Fun at work is a must to build a great culture

1. It will make people love working with you.

There is nobody who wants to work with a gloomy individual. Everyone would like to work with someone that makes their work all the much easier by infusing a little humor here and there. However, you must be careful not to become too engrossed in humoring others. Always remember the work that is in store for you and your team. Make this work bearable but do not impede it.

2. It relieves some of the stress that you and your colleagues are facing.

Your job may be strenuous, both physically and mentally. You need something to relieve the tension in the office. Humor can help you to bring about a positive emotional response to any sort of work your staff undertakes within the office.

3. It changes how your employees and colleagues perceive you.

It does this by making people forget their traditional roles and obligations. Your colleagues and employees will instead view each other and you as people who have come together to achieve a certain objective but are still people with feelings and emotions.

4. It keeps everyone calm and civil.

People constantly get on each other’s nerves around the workplace. Humor helps you to break through the icy relationships that may develop over time.

5. It fosters creativity and innovation among staff.

This is because staff members will work better with one another. Their minds will think outside the box and eventually, they will come up with very bright ideas. This is what happens when a team feels at ease with each other and strives to keep the level of happiness and laughter as it is.

6. It encourages and builds trust among staff.

People tend to trust those who are open and talkative. Moreover, people only enjoy the humor of those they can find trustworthy. This is because people jokes unearth the professional masks that people put on and reveal the inner person. If people can find you funny then it means that they are in tune with your inner person.

7. It encourages and motivates those around you.

This is perhaps the most important aspect of humor to you and your organization. It encourages people to be work hard and to increase their productivity. Nobody wants the good times to end. People want to ensure that work moves on smoothly so that the good time that you are having with your workers is not interrupted by disciplinary cases or layoffs due to lack of productivity. People will want to work with you. They will therefore work hard so that they can continue working with you.

8. It makes you appear more approachable to your people.

Approachability in the workplace is important because it encourages both positive and negative feedback. You will get an opportunity to learn about what truly goes on in the workplace. People will be honest with you. This will enable you to make the correct changes to the office dynamics and/or the working conditions your staff.

9. It will turn you company into a shining beacon of light within your industry.

Everybody loves a happy and prosperous company to work with. Such a company enables others to be happy as well. Your company can become the envy of many people within your industry if you encourage humor within the workplace. People will look at your staff and admire their happiness and zeal for their work.

10. It turns your company into a productive and prosperous company.

The atmosphere that humor creates is simply irreplaceable. You cannot do without it if you truly want to be prosperous. It encourages your workers to work harder and to do more than you pay them to do in other instances.

Hope you enjoy this article and wish you luck on building an amazing culture in your business.

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