Vi Neon Party with over 10K Fun and Happy People in Orlando Florida 2013

Evan klassen having fun at a VI convention.jpg

See over 200 Pictures… In life we have learned to create a great balance so we love to Work Hard and Play Hard. Here with over 10 thousand Vi People, who are at the Neon Party having fun while celebrating Life, Health and Prosperity. In our Culture it is part of our DNA to make sure that we work with people we like and trust. We build great events to connect people to be a one big family. A fun culture is the glue that brings work and play together.

“Vi certainly knows how to put up the best parties we had about 12 thousand people passionate about Life Health and Prosperity celebrating victories”

From Vi Neon Party in Orlando Florida 2013, posted by Evan Klassen on 7/26/2013 (233 items)

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“Love Empowering People 2 Live Happy”