“The Washington Times” Interviews Evan Klassen on topics of entrpeneurship and overcoming challenges.

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Evan Klassen just recently did an interview for  “The Washington Times” he was sharing about his passion to entrepreneurship. This The Washington Times interview shows you that almost anything is possible, and that the American dream is still alive.
Evan was born in one of the poorest regions in central Asia and today he is a successful entrepreneur and author, who helps others to achieve greatness in life. He came from one of the poverty stricken areas of Dushanbe, where clean water and food were often considered luxuries. It was a completely different world.

His family fled to Germany duo to the civil war in Dushanbe, where he experienced his first taste of western culture, which was enough to overwhelm a young boy at the age of eight. The culture shock was heavily influential in changing his outlook on life.

He started working at eleven years of age, where his destiny began to take shape.

His passion and commitment is to “Empower People To Live Happy” though entrepreneurship and personal growth. He is in the process of releasing his first book titled “Think and Grow Rich Today”. He co – authored the book with other top expert to share Napoleon Hills principles that work in today’s world.

It is quite an accomplishment to overcome poverty and civil war as a Kid, as well as deal with low self-esteem and even depression to become an Author, Speaker and a successful Entrepreneur. Evan is grateful to his creator for all his accomplishments and strength to overcome big challenges he faced in life.

Evan is a testament to the fact that is often stated, that it is not your circumstances that determine the person you are or can become. He is adamant, that given he circumstances, and the success that he has achieved, that he can help others by disclosing some of the strategies that are needed to generate wealth.

He stresses that it may not be necessary to be desperate, but the desperation can also be used to an advantage.
Although he came from an environment of scarcity, the interesting and compelling interview reveals that abundance is something that should not be taken for granted.

The interview should be compulsory reading for all aspiring entrepreneurs, as it explains what is really needed in order to achieve success.

Interview for “The Washington Times” click the link to read the full interview: http://bit.ly/15NUli0
Interview was done by: Danny de Gracia II Evan Klassen_Interview for The Washington Times_ Magazine

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