Evan Klassen launches his 2nd book “Transform” that he Co Authored with Brian Tracy and other Experts from around the World

Today is the big day! After a lot of hard work our book is finally launching. The book is called “Transform” and is featuring Brian Tracy and other Experts from around the World. 

Evan Klassen ‘s Red Carpet Interview In Hollywood after accepting 3 Awards at the National Academy Of Best Selling Authors

This was a highlight in my business carrier to be able to Co Author “Think and Grow Rich Today” and win receive 3 different awards from the National Academy of Best Selling Authors. check out the video above…

Evan Klassen Interviews Best Selling Author Jack Canfield Who Sold Over Half a Billion Books

Dedicated to My Most Amazing Mom.. For HER Birthday That I Forgot About

Something amazing really hit me Yesterday when I came home from “The Golden Gale Awards” and “The National Academy of Best Selling Authors Event” in Hollywood.  I just had one of my most amazing week experiencing so many miracles. I arrived on Wednesday in Hollywood at the Iconic “Roosevelt Hotel”

Life will never be the same after the Experience at the National Academy of Best Selling Authors in Hollywood

Evan Klassen at the National Best Selling Summit in Hollywood 60 Second Before Getting on Stage to Speak for the Thought After Speaker Award. I got to tell this is a great experience of the lifetime. I shared my intimate story that i have never shared not even with my parents..

Blueprint on How Evan Got Seen By Over 10 Million People in Only 6 Month by Positioning & Marketing the Book & Himself to Get on TV, Radio, Magazines & other Mayor Online Publications

Evan is in the finals for “Book Marketer Of the Year 2013 Award” at the National Best Selling Award Summit 2013 in Hollywood California and he is excited to share how he DID it. Here is all his journey and what

Evan Launching His Book

” Think is Grow Rich Today” Featuring Napoleon Hill, Evan Klassen And Other Top Expert From Around The World