Evan Klassen ‘s Red Carpet Interview In Hollywood after accepting 3 Awards at the National Academy Of Best Selling Authors

This was a highlight in my business carrier to be able to Co Author “Think and Grow Rich Today” and win receive 3 different awards from the National Academy of Best Selling Authors. check out the video above…

Vi Neon Party with over 10K Fun and Happy People in Orlando Florida 2013

See over 200 Pictures… In life we have learned to create a great balance so we love to Work Hard and Play Hard. Here with over 10 thousand Vi People, who are at the Neon Party having fun while celebrating Life,

Evan Klassen Interviews Best Selling Author Jack Canfield Who Sold Over Half a Billion Books

This Was a SHOCKING Story That Happen to ME a Couple Days Ago and a BIG Lesson

This was a SHOCKING Story that Happen to ME a Couple Days Ago. I was walking down the street in Orlando and met a Homeless Person. I stopped for a moment just to have a quick talk to really understand why he was homeless and maybe give him some tips and ideas on how to help change his current situation. After we talked for about 5 min he grabbed into his pocket and a took something out.

Dedicated to My Most Amazing Mom.. For HER Birthday That I Forgot About

Something amazing really hit me Yesterday when I came home from “The Golden Gale Awards” and “The National Academy of Best Selling Authors Event” in Hollywood.  I just had one of my most amazing week experiencing so many miracles. I arrived on Wednesday in Hollywood at the Iconic “Roosevelt Hotel”

Life will never be the same after the Experience at the National Academy of Best Selling Authors in Hollywood

Evan Klassen at the National Best Selling Summit in Hollywood 60 Second Before Getting on Stage to Speak for the Thought After Speaker Award. I got to tell this is a great experience of the lifetime. I shared my intimate story that i have never shared not even with my parents..

Ten Reasons Why You Should Encourage Humor at the Workplace

1. It will make people love working with you.

There is nobody who wants to work with a gloomy individual. Everyone would like

How to Establish Connections that will lead to Success

As they say, show me your friends, and I will tell you who you are. Friends are important in anyone’s life and depending on the type of people around you; your chances to succeed or fail could be calculated. A survey by Scot Dinsmore, the initiator of Live Your Legend, shows that, about 85% of all people are living below their potential. 93% believe that the level of success could be determined by the

Vitality Ambassador Party at Universal City Walk 2013

One of the most important events in Vi is Vitality this is the Superbowl of the Year here some pictures from the Ambassador Party we work hard and play hard :-)

9 Important Guidelines For Growing A Successful Business

Flexibility, proper planning and managerial skills are the main requirement nowadays for you to be successful in business. Most individuals find it hard to make money when they establish a business because of lack of these qualities. This can be avoided if you take time