Evan Klassen ‘s Red Carpet Interview In Hollywood after accepting 3 Awards at the National Academy Of Best Selling Authors

This was a highlight in my business carrier to be able to Co Author “Think and Grow Rich Today” and win receive 3 different awards from the National Academy of Best Selling Authors. check out the video above…

This Was a SHOCKING Story That Happen to ME a Couple Days Ago and a BIG Lesson

This was a SHOCKING Story that Happen to ME a Couple Days Ago. I was walking down the street in Orlando and met a Homeless Person. I stopped for a moment just to have a quick talk to really understand why he was homeless and maybe give him some tips and ideas on how to help change his current situation. After we talked for about 5 min he grabbed into his pocket and a took something out.

Dedicated to My Most Amazing Mom.. For HER Birthday That I Forgot About

Something amazing really hit me Yesterday when I came home from “The Golden Gale Awards” and “The National Academy of Best Selling Authors Event” in Hollywood.  I just had one of my most amazing week experiencing so many miracles. I arrived on Wednesday in Hollywood at the Iconic “Roosevelt Hotel”

Life will never be the same after the Experience at the National Academy of Best Selling Authors in Hollywood

Evan Klassen at the National Best Selling Summit in Hollywood 60 Second Before Getting on Stage to Speak for the Thought After Speaker Award. I got to tell this is a great experience of the lifetime. I shared my intimate story that i have never shared not even with my parents..

“Think and Grow Rich Today” Ft. Napoleon Hill, Evan Klassen & other Experts Hits #1 Best Seller on Amazon on Day 1 of its Debut

This was a very special and defining moment in my life when I got the email from Celebrity Press Publishing that “Think and Grow Rich Today hit #1 Best Seller on Amazon on one of the 5 Best Seller List we have hit on our fist Day of the debut of the book. I was very

Evan is taking on a new 90day Challenge. GOAL – 8% Body Fat and gain 10lbs of lean muscles

I am so excited to make an announcement. Since I have completed my 90day challenge End of March 2013. I got inspired by my friend and MMA Female World Champion McKenna Jolly to take it to a new level. In my previous challenge I lost 10 lbs of fat and gained 5 lbs of muscles.

The Who is Who of YouTube came together for the VidCon Event

VidCon an Event for people who love to produce or watch online video. Many Independent creators, viewers and supporters of all kinds are attending it. The ways that we entertain, educate, share, and communicate are being revolutionized by online video. The creators attending and on-stage at VidCon are the main censurers of that revolution. The coolest this is the you wil have a blast of your life while learning from the best how to do what you love and love what you do.

Labor Day Party at “Alpen TV” Mansion

The Labor Day party at the Aspen TV Mansion was of the charts… quite a few TV shows have been filmed here it was great to meet so many amazing people as well as many celebrities from Hollywood. We had great food, fun entertainment and just a lot of great time Model where doing their runways, bands where rocking the house. The best part for me was to make awesome new friends life is to short to not enjoy it check out the pictures to see for yourself… It’s a great life

Red Carpet New YEARS Party 2013

I had a big surprise as my brother Serge came from Germany to visit me in December 2012 so I took him to Vegas for a couple of days and we came back to Celebrate 2012 and Welcome 2013. My friend hosted an amazing Party with about 250 beautiful people all came together for this cool night. I was invited to be one of the entertainers for that night so together with some other great friends Briksa, the Band Turn On Red and amazing performer Anastasia we where having a blast to entertain people to have fun and be happy till 4 am.

Amazing Party in Anaheim California with great Friends

One of the cool things in our life that we like to do is to Work Hard but also to Play Hard. This was a Party with our Vi Family we had a blast with about 300 of our friends who all had a great time celebrating life. Check out the pictures and see for yourself. I hope you join us on of the parties in the future stay tunes…