Evan and his girl Ella Klassen

Ella Klassen_Evan KlassenBefore any thing else Evan is a simple guy who has grown up in a family of 9 kids 7 sisters and 1 brother. He was the middle child and had a very good connection to the older siblings as well as the younger ones. This help him in life to connect with people from all ages and all walks of life. For the 8 years of his life he was growing up in the poorest country in Central Asia. He learned to appreciate life differently as clean water and food was oftentimes luxury especially during the times of the civil war in Dushanbe, a city Evan lived in for the first 8 years of his life. After that Evan moved to Germany where he started and finish school and a collage degree. At a young age he figured out how to make money and since the age of 11 was providing for himself. At age of 21 he moved to USA where he since resigns. Evan had his ups and downs in live and understands very well that live is not always a candy and that you have to fight for your goals and give it all to achieve your dreams. His mission is to Empower People to Live Happy.  He had to learn to be happy regardless of all difficult circumstances he went trough. Evan currently has 22 Nieces and Nephews and has a lot of fun living live. Evan loves to travel and has visited over 20 countries on 3 continents. Here is little bit his story in pictures

My girl Ella and me

Evan Klassen_Ella Klassen funime Olrando

having fun with my nephews in Canada EVans family

my brother Serge and Evan in VegasSerge Klassen_Evan KLassen_VegasMy brother my Dad and me in 2004 Germany

My Daddy_Serge Klassen_Evan Klassen

My most amazing Mom in the World

My most amazing mom and I

My Brother and my 7 Sisters

Evan Family IMG_7247 IMG_7246

Two of my sister Tanya and Natalie

Tayana and Nataly my two sisters

My Youngest sister SusanMy little sister susan klassen

Miriam my oldest niece she made me uncle for the very first time

my oldest neese

My oldest nephew Tomas and his little brother ManuelMy Olderst nefew Thomas

Ella and I at a Red Carpet New Years PartyEvan Klassen_Ella Klassen Party

One of my best friends and my little brother from another mother Eddy

Eddy Yudin and Evan Klassen my little bro

Paintball shooting with some great friends Life is to short to not have fun

Fun times with friends

Orlando Soccer game with friendsEvan Klassen_Fun Time with Friends_ Orlando Soccer
My two little sisters Galin, Jenny and my girl Ella

my two sisters and Ella Klassen_ Evan Klassen

his sisters tough him how to do make up one of his secret skillsEvan Klassen_Ella Klassen funime

His friend Sonny Buoncervello the unofficial mayor of Celebration City FloridaEvan Klassen_ Sonny Bouncervello_ Private Planes

Fun time with nephews and nieces in Canada Museum in WinnipegFun time with nephews and nieces in Canada Museum in Winnepeghere again my nephews and nieces


here just a few awesome people in my live and many more. Life is precious so enjoy it with the people you care most about.

It’s a great life