Dedicated to My Most Amazing Mom.. For HER Birthday That I Forgot About

Evan Klassen getting the_Best Selling Author Award and_Dedicating to his mom

Something amazing really hit me Yesterday when I came home from “The Golden Gale Awards” and “The National Academy of Best Selling Authors Event” in Hollywood.  I just had one of my most amazing week experiencing so many miracles. I arrived on Wednesday in Hollywood at the Iconic “Roosevelt Hotel” where the National Academy of Best Selling Authors Event and the Golden Gala Award took place. We had a great reception party with Jack Canfield and I had a chance to meet great Best Selling Authors and build many new friendships, that I know will last a lifetime. I was selected to be in the finals to Speak twice at the National Academy of Best Selling Authors on Marketing and Leadership. Each Speech was about 10 min and at the end all my peers, about 300 Best Selling Authors, voted for the winner of the The “Best Book Marketer Of the Year” and The “Thought After Leader Award”.

September 28th was set for the “Golden Gale Awards” at this Awards Party all Best Selling Authors receive their awards they have won, in the process of launching their book. I was so carried away buy my excitement of this event that I totally forgot that my Moms Birthday was the same day as the Golden Gale Awards. When at night they announced that I have won the “Quilly Award” for Best Selling Author with “Think and Grow Rich Today” featuring Napoleon Hill the ” Thought After Leader Award” for making an contribution to entrepreneurs and the “Book Marketer of The Year Award” for creating out of the box marketing strategies to get into 18 different TV Channels on National TV, as well as 2 International Magazines and many other cool media. I was so in 7th heaven that I forgot to call my Mom I was so carried away by all the excitement that it totally got of my mind.

Next day when I remembered I called her immediately and of course she was so happy to hear from me and was not mad at all that I forgot about her birthday. So I decided to dedicate all the Awards to my amazing Mom on her very special day. My lesson from this is that we have to focus and do what matters most in life and never forget people who made all the things possible for us. Without the love and support of Mom I would not of being able to get the Awards. Here is how I made it up for that. I posted a post on Facebook and my goal is to get more comments and likes on the post wishing her Happy Birthday than on my Awards Post I did with the photo of me getting the Awards and together we did it. Mom is officially the winner so when I called her and told about it she was very emotional and so happy and caried away by all the comments and love you guys helped me to show here.. So I wanted to SAY THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

My Facebook Post.

“I really NEED YOUR Help! My Mom had her Birthday Yesterday the same Day I received all my AWARDS for the BOOK. I was so blown away that I forgot to call her Yesterday to wish her Happy Birthday. I want to make it up for it. Please Help me “LIKE” or “Comment” on this Post. I would like to get more LIKES or COMMENT on this post than on my recognition post for Awards. To show her that all AWARDS fade when compared to my amazing mom. It’s funny how the Universe works. Mom my has influenced me more than anyone else to be Happy and really Love and Care for People from Bottom of my Heart. I gave her also a Special Thanks in the BOOK for making me who I am and caring me trough difficult times when I was born in the poorest country in Central Asia. Interesting that “The Golden Gale Awards” took Place on her Birthday and ALL the Award I received I dedicate to HER for life. She is a very Special MOM”.
Please leave a comment below and let me know if you forgot your Moms birthday and how you made up for it. I would greatly appreciate it and am looking always forward to add Value to YOU

“Love Empowering People 2 Live Happy”