This Was a SHOCKING Story That Happen to ME a Couple Days Ago and a BIG Lesson

Story of a homeless person

This was a SHOCKING Story that Happen to ME a Couple Days Ago. I was walking down the street in Orlando and met a Homeless Person. I stopped for a moment just to have a quick talk to really understand why he was homeless and maybe give him some tips and ideas on how to help change his current situation. After we talked for about 5 min he grabbed into his pocket and a took something out. I was kind of not sure what he wanted to do. He hold it dear and close in his fist. When he open his hand he had a couple of dollars in it. He reached out and gave all the money he had to me and said “Thank you I would like to “Pay This Forward” into your life that’s all I got” and started walking away. I was shocked and for a sec did not know what to do. I did not had any additional cash on me but I took all the money he gave me and gave it back to him. “I am Paying it Forward into your life now” I said. He took the money back and tears started filing his eyes. He walked away but he left something in my heart. While I was thinking I will teach him something he changed something in me when he did that and taught me a GREAT Lesson. “Pay it Forward” are words that will really stick with me for a long time. So important not to judge people you never know who can make a great impact in your life. God Bless this Man I hope I get a Chance to meet him again to say Thank You for the Great LESSON.

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