evan klassen singing              Evan Klassen_Concert

Evan has grown up a family of 9 kids and singing has been part of his life as long he can remember. Since he was 15  years of age he organized and MC’d weddings and parties and different events in multiple countries. He also performed and entertained people trough singing, as bringing happiness to people was the source of his energy. Music is what Evan does for fun!

Evan has produced some music videos and is performing occasionally on concert for fun and entertainment. He continues to write song and follow his passion for music. Here are some of his music moments from Concert and Music Videos…


Evan Klassen singing on a Live Concert “Hallelujah” Leonard Cohen on Briksa and Friends Concert

Evan Klassen music video of “Rolling In The Deep” Adele ft. Jeffrey Scott

Evan Klassen music Video of “Firework” by Katy Perry HD Quality

Evan Klassen singing “Just The Way You Are” Bruno Mars


Evan Klassen Performing on the concert

Evan Klassen_ recording a video clip by Kathy Perry_ Fireworks



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