Evan Klassen_ Speaker_Author_Business Man_ EntrepreneurEvan Klassen Speaker at ANMP Event 2015

Growing up Evan has not heard about Personal Development till the age 21. He never though of himself as a Speaker even more so as an  Author. His life was changed by a book called “Think and Grow Rich” Napoleon Hill and since than Evan invested over $120 thousand into personal growth. In January 2013 he was invited and singed a Publishing Deal with Celebrity Press to Co Author “Thinks and Grow Rich Today” sharing how Napoleon Hills Principles have transformed his life. Evan was nervous to co author his first book but by the grace of God his contribution has won the “Editors Choice Award” for the Book as well as received an Award for “Americas Premier Experts 2013”. Evan has published many articles on entrepreneurship related topics and was interviewed for various magazines and radio shows. Some of them are, The Washington Times, Networking Times, United Networker Magazine. He Also received the “Platinum Expert Author” Award  from Ezine Articles for his contributions. His passion to empower PEOPLE is shining through his speaking and writings.

Evan Klassen speaking at Visalus eventEvan Klassen Nerium ON stage recognition Nerium International

Evan Klassen Receiving 3 Awards at the National Academy Of Best Selling Authors

Best Selling Author Evan Klassen receiving a Speakers Expy Award Time Square New York

Evan Klassen Interviews Best Selling Author Jack Canfield who sold over half a Billion Books

Evan before getting on Stage for the Power Talk at the National Academy Of Best Selling Authors in Hollywood


“Think and Grow Rich Today” Ft. Napoleon Hill, Evan Klassen & other Experts Hits #1 Best Seller on Amazon on Day 1 of its Debut

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“Think and Grow Rich Today” coverEvan Klassen_ Entrepreneur_Business Man_ Immigrant Entrepreneur_Tink and Grow Rich Napoleon Hill

“Editors Choice Award” for Think and Grow Rich TodayEditors Choice Award for think and Grow Rich Evan Klassen

Americas Premier Experts” Award for 2013Americas Premier Experts Award_ for think and Grow Rich Evan Klassen

Ezine Article “Platinum Expert Author”  Platinum Expert Author_Ezine Articles
Interview for “The Washington Timesclick the link to read the interview: http://bit.ly/15NUli0
Evan Klassen_The Washington Times_www.EvanKlassen.com_Interview

Evan contributes to different magazines here an article in “Networking Times”

Networking Time_Evan Klassen_Ella Klassen

Sharing Happiness with the Radio Listeners

Radio Interview with Evan Klassen_Serge Briksa