Best_Filming a comercial _ Tv Comercial for LoanUp_Evan Klassen_ ActorEvan is the Producer, Founder  as well as the Show Host of the TV Show “Immigrant 2 Millionaire”. Being an immigrant twice he understands very well what it takes to start from nothing and create success.  He build 3 different businesses to a combined revenue in excess of 32 Million in Revenue since 2007 to 2012 and a combined income as an Entrepreneur of over 1 Million Dollars. This show was create to bring light to inspiring storys of people who went from nothing to become millionaires regardless of the circumstances and challenges they faced on a journey to it.

Quick overview of the show:
Evan Klassen explaining in short The “Immigrant 2 Millionaire” TV Show

People leave their native nations – immigrate – for many reasons; political persecution, war, religious tolerance, poverty, drought to name a few– but the one thing they have in common is they are searching for an opportunity to create a better life for themselves and their families. Often they arrive on the shores of their newly adopted homeland with nothing but the clothes on their backs, and sometimes with less than nothing, not being able to speak the language, often without family or friends to lean on, and yet, despite the hardships and obstacles, many not only survive, but thrive, and of these, a few reach even higher, and achieve amazing success. Immigrant2millionaire (I2M) was created to recognize and celebrate these successes, and to share the stories behind the folks who have overcome the challenges, and now are inspirations for the rest of us, immigrant and non-immigrant alike.

The other type of” immigrant,” in our eyes, doesn’t necessarily have to be from “somewhere else…” these are people who, for whatever reason, leave their old life (job/situation/rut/career/etc) behind and start something new – something completely different, often radically different, without, as they say, “knowing the lingo,” and without a safety net to catch them. They go out on a limb – sometimes far out – to pursue a dream, perhaps farfetched, and despite the challenges and obstacles, the nay-sayers and the doubters, achieve a level of success that not only amazes us, but inspires us and others to at least consider following our own dreams, no matter how “crazy” they might seem.

I2M is for the people “out on the limb,” who are looking for their big break, their inspiration, and their final push to live their dreams. It’s an opportunity to see how anyone, anywhere in the world, can be truly successful and independent, if they have the faith and the perseverance to keep striving.

Whether it’s a language barrier, red-tape, doors slammed in their faces, lack of dollars, lack of skills, rules, or the negativity of doubters, we want to highlight the stories of amazing people who have strived, survived, thrived and succeeded beyond their wildest dreams, and use these stories to inspire others, and show them that yes, they too can everything they need – and more! In a world burdened with negativity and failure, we want to share the trials and tribulations, the struggles and the eventual triumphs of people who had odds stacked against them, but still rose to the top.

Certainly success means, in many cases, more than just money. Our mission is much more about what the money allows people to do than the actual dollars themselves, but a “million” provides a benchmark that represents a level of achievement recognized around the world as generally having “made it.” Our stories are not just about the ones who have made their million, but who are actively engaged in sharing their success and helping their community and others on their own way up.

OUR Mission:
“Immigrant2Millionaire has a mission to create the world’s largest collection of stories of people who went from nothing to become millionaires and contributors. We are committed to helping people from all over the world become OUTSTANDING entrepreneurs through leadership development and by providing them with skills and tools for success. We want to create a community of leaders-by-example, and use their journeys to inspire, empower and teach others to reach their goals. If you or someone you know has a great story to share, please contact us. Join us on our MISSION to identify, document and pass on the amazing and inspiring stories of people who have persevered, against all odds, to reach their goals.”

Feedback for the “Immigrant2Millionaire” Show after Filming Episode 1 with Evan Klassen